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When you've got it you've got it. Image Credit: <latinopm.com

When you’ve got it you’ve got it. Image Credit: <latinopm.com>

The full list, courtesy of Businessweek.

The full list, courtesy of Businessweek.

…So this evening I ran across an article from Businessweek showing that Facebook pays its interns $6,000 a 1. Facebook is only number 4 of 25 on the list, but I singled them out because they have high brand equity and I knew this would grab attention.month. 1

Some caveats with the list are that:

1. The salary data comes from 2. I loved this site when I was coming out of school, but having spent some time in my career as a Compensation Specialist, I’ll just say their database doesn’t qualify as an ideal sample.Glassdoor.com. 2

2. It doesn’t detail what jobs these interns are doing or document their average experience level.

The second point is far more concerning to me (from a data validity standpoint) than the first. The reason being that an internship that pays 4-6 thousand dollars a month is not that uncommon (even in HR) if one is from the right school/program. It is considerably rarer, however, to have an entire intern population at a company with pay this high (unless the entire intern population is made up of highly skilled labor). Without knowing the average years experience (and job makeup) it’s tough to say if this data is representative of the listed company internship populations.

Still… even if the numbers are a bit fuzzy, the fact that respondents that worked for these companies reported average monthly pay so high is impressive (or horrifying, depending on how one values interns).

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