Image Credit: <onedesignxday.rodrigojimenez.com

Image Credit: <onedesignxday.rodrigojimenez.com>

I waited much, much too late into the evening to start writing this, so let’s keep it short today.

…Much of life is just variance. 

Be it professionally or personally, one’s success is more or less governed by being in the right place (and in the right mental state) at the right time.

The primary question I’ve asked myself this past year is how I can mitigate the variance in the equation and take control of my own destiny.

1. And by extension maximize lifetime earnings?How can I ensure that I get into the biggest job that I’m passionate about? 1

I don’t know the answer to this question (yet), but I will say that most people have *so* much self doubt. They worry about the implications of everything they say and do.

I would submit to you that it is important to stop worrying.

Is something important / valuable to you? Go for it.

Be aware of the consequences of failure, but mostly focus on the reward.

Additionally, if something isn’t value added remove it from your life as soon as possible.

One of the things that has stood out to me about executives (from observing them) is how quickly they end useless conversations. As soon as something stops being value added (you can see it in their faces) they end it. Minimal time is spent on ejecting oneself from the conversation / situation.

I think it makes sense to approach one’s career the same way. Always look for the value add.

…Of course, I’m just making it up as I go along, so if you succeed in following any of the above advice tell me how.

As always, please share your thoughts below.



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