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Image credit <www.artsjournal.com>

1. Really short post today because it’s close to midnight and I’m mentally exhausted. 1 This afternoon I had the opportunity to listen to two very senior leaders in my organization give their takes on pay (and its ability to motivate).

The first leader described pay (in the absence of intrinsically rewarding work) as something that at best could make a very dissatisfied employee less dissatisfied. He fundamentally viewed pay as one component of work satisfaction (he then went on to talk about sense of purpose and all of the other intrinsic reward based things that matter beyond monetary compensation).

The second leader said that she’d never done any job just for the money in her life.

I appreciate that this all exists on a continuum. Most people care about money early in their careers and then they get enough money and start to care about 2. I for one spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking about money. I suppose this is an opportunity for growth, but I enjoy the sense or restlessness around remuneration to an extent, I think.other things. 2

I think there always needs to be a balance, and I was intrigued by what appeared to be a very healthy understanding of this need by some very senior leaders within my organization.

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