So I’m on the road this week and my schedule is a bit out of whack. As such, I 1. My promised “Careers I considered before settling on HR.” will have to wait for another day.didn’t have time to write a full post today. 1

With that said, today I’d like to share a compelling quote/scene from the upcoming Sci-Fi film After Earth.

Columbia. Photo. www.afterearth.com

Columbia. <www.afterearth.com>

2. Don’t laugh – I’m entitled to my opinion (which in this case will be shared by many people based on historical precedent).The entire trailer (and movie) looks to be very, very cool 2, but I want to share with you a particular monologue in the trailer that I found inspiring:

Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me – danger is very real. But fear is a choice.

Keep the above in mind as you go about your day.

I think that the most valuable talents in any organization are those people who can manage their fear of failure in a healthy way. They keep moving forward and pushing themselves even when the road ahead is unclear and the chance of things going wrong is high.

So do something that scares you a little today. Step outside of your comfort zone. Learn something new.

Let me know how it goes.

As always, please share your thoughts below.



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